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Welcome to the state Orchestra and Chorus of Penang, Malaysia...

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Penang Philharmonic was established to bring the talented musicians in Penang together in building a community that sharpens one another and in enhancing the standards of live classical music in Penang. Supported by the state government, Penang Philharmonic seeks to promote the cultural and educational development of the people through music. With an orchestra of 80 strong and a chorus of 40, Penang Philharmonic has made its mark in the hearts of the people with its memorable performances and continues to outdo themselves.


Babies Prom


These concerts are designed for very young children to experience their first introduction to an orchestral concert.

The concerts are very interactive with lots of movement and there is no need for the children to be quiet or even to remain seated within safety limits!!


The Babies Proms' have an education aspect, but at the same time they are entertaining and basically introduce the children to instruments and musical ideas.

The musical excerpts are always very short.


Over the years children remember favourite instruments as well as the sounds and colours of the performance,

but most importantly their first encounter with music is a happy and fun one.